“Faulkton residents made a decision long ago to actively encourage creativity and open-mindedness, rather than subject ourselves to the stereotypical limitations of a rural town.”

公共艺术在经济发展中扮演着重要角色. 它有助于发展一个城镇的身份和特色. It can tell the history of a place, inspire people and attract visitors too.

Faulkton, 南达科塔州 is a tiny town with a big commitment to the arts. 在2018年夏天, the community supported the creation of two large-scale murals from international artists. This public artwork portrays people and scenes unique to Faulkton.

Since then, Faulkton, 南达科塔州 has contineued to encourage and grow the area arts. The area's unique public art locations draws visitors from throughout the region.